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Sorry for having been MIA

It was my birthday two days ago, so I thought it would be a good point to pick up a few things again that I had left out for a while...

It has been a frustrating time since my last post here, bringing me close to the point of just putting everything on HIATUS until I was back in more healthy headspace. I already have to manage my energy very carefully, and I was almost brought down to my knees. All for having a seemingly unpopular opinion that I stand by.

I have been in an argument because of this, and I got flak from other sides.

On the other hand, Broken Feathers is running nicely, with updates every two weeks—chapter 10 will be posted on Sunday, a very interesting one. :-D I even reached out to a very old friend from another fandom to help me out with a couple of phrases in Hungarian.

Meanwhile, I might be back to searching for a beta for AYSML, as my currently 3rd beta has kind of backed out. This is definitely becoming a major pain in the ass, as I'd like to continue posting the story. I'm still considering putting this WIP on hiatus until I have found I can work with more closely on this one.

Other than that, we had a nice couple of days here in Switzerland with a first taste of summer. :-D
It'll be tough to work when the temperatures go up over 30-35°C, but I'm kind of looking forward to proper summer days. I might just take a noteblock and a pen with me and sit down in a park to write, or somewhere along the river that runs through town.
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The case of the fussiest validator EVER!

This is going to be a little rant, feel free to just skip it...

So, I'm trying to upload Where Home Is, my submission to the interhouse_fest, to hawthorn_vine (, chapter by chapter.

Now, they have a validator system to ensure the formal quality of the stories found on their site. I appreciate that effort because good grammar makes a story so much more readable.

However, I seem to have landed the most pedantic validator, as I have now received the third Request for Correction, after letting a thorough beta look over my grammar and the odd vocabulary question. I'm a non-native English speaker/writer, so those two are my weakest points.

Come on! What do you want me to write? Only main sentences, each of them neatly set apart with a period?

Examples of what I now need to correctCollapse )

It starts to feel like that validator just wants to test my patience until I snap. I told my beta to be thorough with my commas, and she didn't correct all those instances the validator now wants me to.


Even better is, that the last two people from their beta directory that I contacted haven't responded to my emails AT ALL!

This time I'll respond with a more detailed email than just "done."

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Made my day

Was a bit in a funk over the last few days, after basically going through a meltdown of sorts over a simple email (A validator at H&V wanted to have a chapter corrected—twice!).

Anyway, meanwhile I've taken up another, more well-known writer (MrBenzedrine! or Amy...) on their offer to help out with talking plot points, as she had posted on one of HP Facebook groups I'm following. I just felt like hitting a small block with Broken Feathers after my beta mentioned that the main plot moves along quite fast... Anyway, I've sent Amy the existing chapters and the notes of what I've planned so far.

This has kind of made my day when I read it! =D And I solved the problem of that pesky chapter 7 I was stuck at...
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FIC: Drop of Milk

Rating: T+

Prompt: “You have no idea who I am, do you?”
His eyes were cold and lifeless as he stared at me.

Summary: After a work-related accident, Draco suffers from amnesia and can't remember the last five years of his life...

Author's Note: I wrote this for the Strictly Dramione Valentine's Day Prompt, after being gently coaxed into participating by the admin, Les. (She basically said she loved my writing, and that was enough *cough*) I don't intend to post on my AO3 or FFN account for the moment.

Read story hereCollapse )
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Plot bunny alert

Ever since seeing that post on tumblr about the underrepresentation of femslash in the HP fandom, my mind has been thinking a lot about a possible story idea.

I just got hit today. And I know I'm going to be drowned in research for that, because I want to get the issues right...

That makes it 3 WIP's now, thankfully at different stages of development/posting.

Oh, and I had great fun celebrating Burns's Night at the local pub tonight. I'm rather tipsy and quite knackered right now. :-)
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New WIP: BROKEN Feathers (Draco/Hermione - NC-17)

This story was inspired by reeby10's submission to the hp_creatures Halloween Fest, In The Beginning A Flame... That plot bunny didn't want to leave, so I developped a story, up to the first 22 chapters. ;-)

Title: Broken Feathers
Rating: NC-17 (mostly for violence in later chapters)
Warnings: Violence, death of (minor) characters, profanity...
Pairing(s): Draco/Hermione; Blaise/Astoria; minor-ish Ron/Pansy; minor-ish Harry/Ginny
Summary: It's been eight years since Draco last spoke with Hermione, and now she has disappeared. Will he put everything into finding her?

(Read on AO3)

(Read on FFN)

I know I should work on another piece, but after today I wasn't in the mood to write something sweet. Something at work pissed me off so much that I was seething in the end--believe me, that is pretty rare...
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Claiming Fic: With A Little Help From Hermione (Draco/Harry -- PG-13)

The prompt to this story had me hooked, so I decided to stray outside my comfort zone in regards to pairings... ;-)

Title: With A Little Help From Hermione
Author/Artist: naarna
Pairing(s): Draco/Harry
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.
Notes: Thanks to Suzi for betaing my story, the help is much appreciated! :)
This is my first attempt trying to write this pairing, even though it was the one that got me into HP fanfiction not too long ago... I hope you like it.
Summary: Secret Santa at Hogwarts with every House participating in the name of unity - Hermione suddenly finds herself in the position of a matchmaker.

(Read on AO3)

(Original submission to the Fest)

Please leave a review if you liked the story... :)
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Claiming Fic: JUST WITH YOU (Draco/Astoria -- NC-17)

Ha! I loved writing this little one-shot, mostly because I do like Astoria as a character and this felt a bit like holding up a torch for her. And I can finally claim the fic! *yay*

Title: Just With You
Author/Artist: naarna
Pairing(s): Draco/Astoria
Word Count: approx 3,920 words
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.
Notes: Thanks to Suzi for betaing my story, the help is much appreciated! :)
Summary: The morning after the annual Christmas party at the Ministry, Astoria wakes up hung-over and tries to recollect the events of the night before.

(Read on AO3)

(Read original Mini Fest entry)

Please leave a feedback/review if you liked the story... :)
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(no subject)

Waiting for mini_fest to reveal the masterlist. According to their schedule, they were supposed to do it yesterday...

Besides that, I have problems checking LJ on my iPhone, as I almost every time get redirected to so scam site. I'm pretty sure it's connected to an advertisement, because it only happens on here, regardless of the browser I use. Never had any such problems while on my laptop.
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Posh place

So, I was invited to a drink at the poshest place where I lived. Was really nice, and I made sure that my foot was at least stretched out if not elevated (for my infection *cough*)...

And I sat there thinking "this is the perfect inspiration for a chapter I'll be revising soon for AYSML". I need to find more pictures of that place!

The two pictures I did takeCollapse )
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one last challenge...

My muse has very weird operating hours...

I still have one challenge left where I need to write a story for, hawthorn_vine's If The Prompt Fits Challenge...

I've claimed a prompt, let it rest for almost a month. I just shouldn't have checked it tonight because my imagination is running wild now.

If I didn't have to go to work tomorrow, I would start up my laptop once more and just get it out of my system. *hmpf*

Probably going to be a tad impatient tomorrow at work, but I might use the time to work out the details in my mind.
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AYSML: Rewrite = Even Longer Chapter

So, I was working on the Christmas chapter for And You Saw Me Low (AYSML), hoping to weed out unnecessary parts.

Needless to say that I ended up with a chapter of roughly 9,200 words, the last part still missing.

I need to split it up. *sigh* Either that, or my beta can tell me what I can shorten/throw out...

PS: I know that chapters are usually much shorter, but it doesn't quite work that way with this story. ;-)

EDIT: I managed to get it down to 7,800 words, and I think I drop the last part, as it's not helping to develop the plot per se.
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And You Saw Me Low (Part 1): Chapter Update

Finally had the time to go through the suggestions of my beta, eager to post it. Only disagreed with a few of them—especially her suggestion of kissing to replace making out. Those pesky details, right?

Read And You Saw Me Low (Part 1) on AO3

Story Summary:
One year after the Second War, Draco wants out, even leave the wizarding community where his family has been put under close scrutiny and supervision. Hermione becomes his new supervisor, and helps him settle in the muggle world. His life is turned upside down when he meets his neighbour...

AO3 tags: Muggle Life / Draco Malfoy in the Muggle World / Nightmares / Post-War / Supervisor Hermione Granger / Romance / First Relationship

Chapter includes: Visit to a library, Christmas play, a few realisations...
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Not To Me: Glitched reviews

I could finally see the 7 reviews that a glitch had swallowed previously on FFN--and my first reaction was: Eh, what?

Especially one reviewer criticised my use of texting in the story, as the person thinks I mean Muggle devices. *sigh*

It's like those people and I read a completely different story. I think the final chapter will need a few adaptions and a longer author's note.

The previously glitched commentsCollapse )
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Claim Fic: Where Home Is (Interhouse Fest 2016 Submission)

Title: Where Home Is
Pairing: Draco/Hermione
Word Count: approx. 33,000 words
Rating: at least PG
Warnings: Swearing, alcohol abuse
Summary: A few months after the War has ended, Hermione discovers Draco sitting on her doorsteps one evening, and instead of chasing him away, starts talking to him. It soon turns into a regular event, with them talking about things like forgiveness and home—until Harry discovers them.
Disclaimer: In its use of intellectual property and characters belonging to JK Rowling, Warner Bros, Bloomsbury Publishing, et cetera, this work is intended to be transformative commentary on the original. No profit is being made from this work.

Author’s Notes: Lots of thanks to River_in_Egypt, who was kind enough to help me out with more than just the SPaG, and who insisted on making Draco snarkier than I initially wrote him. ;-)

(Read on AO3: Where Home Is)

(Read original submission to Interhouse Fest 2016: Where Home Is)

Please leave a comment if you liked the story! :-)
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Mini Fest 2016...

My first one-shot for the mini_fest has been posted. Weeh! 😊

Besides that, I realised that the next chapter of AYSML needs a lot of rewriting, as I think the pacing is a bit off. *sigh*

I think I rather figure out how to finish chapter 4 of my new WIP (I never thought I'd struggle to get over the 2,500 words I imposed on myself for Hermione POV chapters)

But at least I found a title now. Still need a beta. ;-)